About us

Welcome to Loveable Kids! We are an Australian owned kids and baby store that aims to inspire and nurture our kids. 

The idea for our store was born when we were watching our babies play. Seeing how our baby mouthed every toy that they played with, it dawned on us that everything affects our babies. With the vast number of toys that our baby had, it made us consider the effect it has on the environment. We wanted our baby to positively experience the world and appreciate the environment and their heritage. To point our babies in the right direction we tried to find toys that was part of our heritage, Australian, and which was ethically sourced. 

We found that there was hardly anything available which was Australian based and ethically sourced. That was our lightbulb moment. 

Born out of a love for Australian based ethically sourced kid’s products, we wanted to make this easily available for everyone. 

With a love for open ended play that inspires creativity in our little ones, we hope that our curated collection encourages our kids to grow into their own individual selves. We are big believer that our children’s learning, problem solving, and social skills can come about through their open-ended play. 

We are dedicated to partnering with Australian businesses to provide ethically sourced goods which benefit our planet earth and our next generation. 

So, who is your loving curator behind the scenes:

Lise has grown up in Australia and with a passion for wanting the best for our children, she hopes she can bring this to our online community and into our world.  With a brief gap living overseas and exploring the sights of the world, it makes her appreciate the unique Australian culture even more as it is unlike any other in the world! Lise strongly believes that nurturing our next generation will create a better world for us to live in. 

We hope that you enjoy our thoughtfully curated collection as much as we do in bringing them to you. 

If you would like any more details or wanted to chat, please reach out to us.